Best Ranking of the High School Musical Movies

Best Ranking of the High School Musical Movies

Tifany Chu, Reporter

High School Musical (HSM) is easily one of the biggest and most influential franchises in the history of life. This epic trilogy has been robbed of any Oscar Nominations. Imagine the Mona Lisa but with Zac Efron’s body, Ashley Tisdale’s hair and Vanessa Hudgen’s debut album: that’s the only way I can describe the masterpiece that is HSM.

It is highly debatable which HSM is the best, but I’m here to tell you the right answer. According to me, this is the only ranking you should live by: HSM 1, HSM 3, HSM 2. But Why? This is why.

Starting with the songs in each movie. HSM 1 introduced us to some flawless songs such as Troy and Gabriella’s the emotional ballad “Breaking Free” and “All In This Together” that has inspired team work from everyone all across the globe. This song is a staple of every sports event you’ll ever attend, you will often hear the crowds chanting it. HSM 2 holds its own with songs like “Fabulous”, often overused in situations that are far from its name, and “Bet on it” the heart-wrenching solo coupled with an over-dramatic dance sequence. HSM 3 features the all-encompassing sing-a-long song “High School Musical” and extravagantly extravagant, “I Want It All” (Note that Oprah was mentioned, raising the song from a 5 to a steady 9). It is clear that just comparing the memorability and the likability of the songs mentioned above that HSM 1 clearly takes the lead.

Next, of lesser importance, but still of value, the Storyline. HSM 1 has a very simple, classic story, yet it leaves you wanting more of the Teens from New Mexico. The first movie is a masterpiece and there are little to none faults with the movie. HSM 2 however, was a lackluster sequel to the near perfect original. It is still much better than the average teen movie, however, I found the movie quite confusing. It was set in a Country Club during the summer, and is far from a “high school musical,” The movie however did feature a highly awaited cameo by teen queen Miley Cyrus. HSM 3 was the perfect end to the franchise. The entire movie left you at the edge of your seat. As you watch the movie, you feel like you have been transported into Troy’s head as he makes a life-changing decision, between ball and song. Also note that the writers of the third movie managed to insert a British character for no reason at all and still make it work. (ICONIC!)

I’ve tried to contact all 6 of the main characters in movie and even Miley Cyrus. However, none of them have responded (yet).

“It’s like my dreams came alive and became a trilogy.” says Sophomore, Taylor Junck. “There’s not doubt that 2 is the worst. What even was that?”  “High School Musical 1 gave me goosebumps in second grade and I will never forget that moment” says Junior, Kerry Strum.

After spending way too much time deliberating with my fellow peer(s). I am very sure that my ranking is bulletproof and the best one out there. High School Muscial really is a bop right to the top (of your heart). You better believe that after watching them, it will be a start of something new.