Netflix vs Hulu


Megan Hofer, Reporter

For those who procrastinate, there is a large question that needs to be answered. Netflix or Hulu? A lot of people just sit down and willingly pay $8.99 a month for outdated shows and movies. A lot of new trends have popped up surrounding Netflix. Usually, people just ignore the fact that Hulu exists, but when it comes to the facts, Hulu should be the first choice.

Before talking about the pros viewers must go over the unfortunate con. Hulu has advertisements. The good thing is that is the only con. Hulu has a lot of current shows and episodes including Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Faking It, America’s Next Top Model, and so many more. Not only that but it is also cheaper than Netflix. The only reason Hulu has ads is because it has current shows that are quite expensive to stream. If people understand that, then it is much easier to realize that advertisements are extremely necessary. Because of people disliking ads, Hulu has introduced an advertisement free option. This option prices at $11.99, which can be a little racey. But if a person really got bothered by the advertisements, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Overall, Hulu is absolutely the best option, and the funniest alternative to doing homework. It also encourages a easy-going and comedic attitude, with the large amount of comedies.