Reality of high school relationships

Reality of high school relationships

Sabrina Lang , Reporter

Relationships in high school are definitely a tricky topic. I, myself, have been happily in a relationship for the past two and a half years. A lot of times I get “Awh, you and your boyfriend are so cute.” Honestly, it kind of frustrates me. I know it shouldn’t and I shouldn’t take it personally, but this “cute” couple has gone through the worst and back together. There is so much more to my relationship than the way we look together. Another thing people say to me a lot is “I want a relationship like yours.”

Now that, I like to hear. My boyfriend and I have both worked our tail ends off to have the functioning and respect-filled relationship we have today. It isn’t easy. It takes up a lot of time and effort. It also takes trust, compassion, and understanding. You have to keep in mind your partner isn’t perfect. They’re going to hurt your feelings every once in awhile and there is no point in getting jealous.

Relationships aren’t a one person job. You can’t have one person trying, it’s a two man effort. You should support your partner if not help them obtain their goals, and try not to hold them back. Be there for them, not in their way.

Most of the time high school relationships have a bad reputation and are frowned upon by some adults, especially parents. This is inevitable and should not be taken personally, for your significant other’s parent is only trying to do what is best for said significant other.

A lot of times I hear “relationships in high school aren’t even worth it”. Maybe that’s true for some people, but for others, probably not. I’m lucky, because I’m dating my best friend. He always has my back and never fails to remind me I’m worth something. Dating your best friend means that one second you can be cute and lovey dovey and the next you’re pulling pranks on each other because that’s just what you do. I remember when I was 14 I did a report on one of the most successful relationships I’ve ever witnessed, my grandpa and grandma’s. My grandpa always told me the key to a successful relationship was being with your best friend.

Even though my boyfriend and I and I go through hard times, it’s really worth it. Relationships take time and effort to build trust and respect to get to know one another. If you aren’t willing to put in any of those things then high school relationships are not for you. For those of you who do, I wish you luck on the crazy journey of a high school relationship. I’m rooting for you.