Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Achala Thippeswamy, Reporter

During the summer of 2016, most people were continuing their lives as normal until the game that created an uproar throughout the world was dropped. Immediately after the release of Pokemon Go, the app blew up and soon took over social media and lives. It became an intense craze and the topic of conversation among many. Pokemon Go incorporates exercise, gaming, and Pokemon into one app that attracts people of all ages to play. This game is a new concept when coming to entertainment that seemed futuristic which excited people and caused the dramatic rise of the app.

If one was to walk across a park, gym, or popular attraction they would likely see a crowd of people on their phones, intently looking at their screens and nothing else around them, playing Pokemon Go. Constantly, there are people everywhere playing this game as it gradually takes over society. In popular places, such as Central Park, it is almost impossible for people to get around since there are so many people crowded in the area to catch their Pokemons.

The addiction and lengths some have gone to with this app creates stories that are almost impossible to believe. While players were Pokemon hunting, they stumbled upon a dead body that had been decomposing for quite some time. This was not the first time to happen, as it occurred several times amongst different players, all because of a game.

Pokemon Go has also been helpful to some people since it provides them with a fun motive to keep them exercising. Players have biked and ran to find these little creatures which has helped them become more active. For some, the game has helped them find love and make new friends from meeting new people and forming bonds over their passion for the game.

This game has had a huge impact on the public and is one of the most influential games to have been released. Its impact it has had is almost hard to believe and could be one of the most memorable highlights of 2016.