Finals After Break

Finals After Break

William Tibben, Reporter

To almost everyone in the school finals are very important. Whether you are a teacher or student they can really change up your day. Trying to do our best on these finals can really help you bump your grade up. But since these are so important to us most people want as much help as possible. Something that can help or hurt many people is when the finals are.

There are reasons for putting finals before and reasons to put them after so I will discuss them. If we make the finals after break we get to start school later and we don’t need to adjust our schedule as much for teachers. For students, we have a long break to study up for the finals.

There are several advantages to having finals before winter break. The biggest being that we don’t have time to forget all the things we learned. The other biggest reason it’s a good idea is that we won’t have any homework over break.

Whether you want finals before or after the break, you should at least know why we are doing it the way we are doing it.