From left to right: Sam Keenan, Sofia Mamakos, and Calia Alexe. Three different takes on the mask mandate. This picture does not refelct these individualś mask preferences.

ACSD Mask Mandate

Sophia Cordoba, Editor September 16, 2021

In a statement released last night, the Ames Community School District has officially enacted a mask mandate, which will begin on Friday, September 17th. The action follows a federal court ruling, which...

Mr. Harken poses with some AHS logos he painted for his classroom.

Mr. Harken: Teacher and Coach

Sophia Cordoba, Editor September 3, 2021

Among the many changes to Ames High this school year, AHS can welcome a new math teacher to the building. Mr. Harken is beginning his career here with a busy schedule, teaching Algebra I and II, as well...

Left to Right: Casey Mumm (Sr.), Corey Phillips (Jr.), Keyshaun Brooks (Sr.), Lucas Lueth (So.), Tamin Lipsey (Jr.)

Boys Basketball takes on the State Tournament

Erin Murphy, Editor March 18, 2021

On Wednesday March 10th, the Ames High Boys Basketball team played their first game in the State Tournament. Marking a 13 game winning streak, Ames rose to the top beating Council Bluffs 53-31 advancing...

The WEB: Pandemic Edition

The WEB: Pandemic Edition

Sophia Cordoba, Editor December 18, 2020

The WEB staff used to gather in a classroom full of sound and ideas. Our small team claimed the table closest to the window, perhaps hoping that inspiration would strike us from the sky above. Mr. Johnson...

Mr. Ferguson: Ames Highs Latest Coach

Mr. Ferguson: Ames High’s Latest Coach

Sophia Cordoba, Editor November 11, 2020

Kevin Ferguson is the latest teacher in Ames High’s P.E Department, as well as the new coach of the school’s football team. With both of these roles, most students at Ames High will get to know him....

parking lot

Logan Adams-Bacon, reporter March 4, 2020

Almost everyone in the high school has to deal with the parking lot. If you are someone that owns a  car, you have to park in it and spend 20 minutes getting out of it. If you are walking to school you...

The senior based student section at the UNI dome in Cedar Falls on Aug. 30.

Building Inclusivity: Seniors Becoming a Collective

Zoe Mamakos, Co-editor October 25, 2019

We all know it’s coming. The end of an era, of everything we’ve known for 18 years of life.  The last year of high school. The last year of childhood. Where the people you’ve known: the people...

2019 AHS Senior Sendoffs

2019 AHS Senior Sendoffs

WEB staff May 30, 2019

  Musa Abd'Alim ISU elementary education Shayna M. Abel DMACC nursing Garang Akok Wartburg undecided Sarah Arbuckle IOWA human...

Mike Scaramellino

Mike Scaramellino

Oliver Chen, Co-Editor in Chief May 20, 2019

As he finishes his second year teaching at Ames High, industrial technology teacher Mike Scaramellino will be saying goodbye. “I love just working with the kids. It’s a lot of fun. We have great...

Mr. Lachen

Mr. Lachen

Logan Adams-Bacon, Reporter May 20, 2019

  Mr. Lachen, a  name known by many and loved by all. But now he has a  daughter, and needs to stay home to care for her and teach her the ways of science. He wants to leave to make sure that...

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