Radiant Rowan Daniels


Keyboard keys racing as a harmonious sound escapes from a choir practice room. The familiar, recognizable sound of the Amélie theme song brightens the bleak fluorescent lighting in the small brick room. And as laughter and repetition of well loved music fills the echoing hallway, it’s time for auditions for the next choir activity and Rowan Daniel and her friends are preparing the best that they can. 

“People typically know me and recognize me for my background in theatre and music,” said Rowan, a very big participant in all things music at Ames high. Choir, madrigal, all-state auditions, musical, marching band, and wind symphony being among the few activities she involves herself in on a day to day basis during the fall semester. While enjoying the music itself, Rowan has met a lot of her close friends in various bands, choirs, and musicals that she’s been in.

As most people tend to do, she seriously feels as though her friends have changed her life. She constantly finds enjoyment through spending time with her friends and continues to learn new things from them.

“I always learn valuable and new things from my friends,” said Rowan. “The people in my life have really influenced who I’ve become.” She values the time she spends with role models in and outside of her life, being friends, Ginny Siebert, and admiring icons such as Maya Angelou.

“Maya Angelou is one of my biggest inspirations, I love her poetry, how she speaks out, and how she isn’t afraid to tackle big issues,” said Rowan. She aspires to have this kind of pedestal to influence other people someday, like Maya Angelou. 

“I want to become a role model for others to show that you can become successful in this journey,” said Rowan. Determined as ever, she intends to share her unique story of success someday in order to become that ideal role model that she needed.

If you typically see Rowan in the day, you can tell she puts a lot of effort into her appearance. Rowan has an amazing sense of style and spends a lot of time preparing new, exciting outfits for each day. 

“I really like fashion and I’ve had a lot of people come up to me and tell me my outfits are cute and it makes my day. It is definitely something I’d like to be known for,” said Rowan.

While also aspiring to be a fashion icon, Rowan’s biggest goal is to impact the world in a positive light. 

“I have been through a lot of hard experiences in my life and I want to use that knowledge to help people who are going through something, ” said Rowan. She sees a lot of potential in the world and wants to contribute to happiness and female power of our growing society. 

“I want to show people that you can get there and even though it’s hard, we can all become our own ideal person.”