Mandatory Naptime!


The WEB staff taking a nap after a tiring day.

As I struggle to keep my eyes open for one more class period, my head starts pounding heavily. It is not because I don’t understand anything that the teacher is saying but because I haven’t had a good sleep in days. Now, this may sound alarming, but trust me, there are thousands of high schoolers that pull all-nighters. Is it because we have to finish that one last episode of the Netflix series? Perhaps. But more than that, it is to complete the never-ending high school assignments and the evil teachers that never seem to have mercy on us students. High schools want students to be ideal; we should be involved with extra-curricular, have good grades in our classes, volunteer, and also work! I want to remind schools that there are only 24 hours in a day. The chaos, exhaustion, and depletion can harm a student, which could affect their mental and physical health. For this very reason, High schools should regulate mandatory nap time for all students, just like the good old days.

According to a New York Times article, power naps taken in the middle of the day tend to increase productivity and neurocognition in an individual. In the article, the writer states that afternoon naps would help individuals become more alert and vigilant. Just thinking about taking a nap instead of going to a plus period makes me happy. That 10-minute nap could be like taking a shot of espresso, it would be refreshing, reviving and would be like an energy-booster. With a nap time set in place, it will both unwind the student’s mind from the stressful conditions at school and cause their well-being to improve distinctly. They also state that even if students only “zone out,” they will feel invigorated and tranquil. The National Sleep Association establishes that naps are equivalent to the consumption of caffeine. It also states that napping for a few minutes in the afternoon can be as salubrious as sleeping 6 hours at night. A rest taken in the middle of the day would intensify a student’s memory and would also restrain them from making blunders. Sleep deprivation will reduce the teenager’s period of attention and make them more prone to lower grades and an unhappy mood. It would also make it more probable for teenagers to mesh in perilous actions such as drinking, drugs, and other pressing activities. Amid all the AP classes, after school practices, and tests, a student deserves a 10-minute break to just breathe. Nap time would be refreshing for everyone as naps would provide students the time to relax and unwind. The naps would not only benefit the students but also the teachers as taking a short nap would get rid of irritation and inattentiveness during class. Naps are good and we should be able to nap at school.