Exploring Excellence: Inside Building Minds School, an English Education System outside the U.S.

Students, Staff, and Innovation Drive Educational Excellence at Building Minds School in Comayagua, Honduras
Seniors pose for a group photo on their first day of senior year in school facilities. Photo  by Building Minds School.
Seniors pose for a group photo on their first day of senior year in school facilities. Photo by Building Minds School.

Building Minds School, a bilingual school system in Honduras, students and staff talk to us about their school system and how English is taught outside the U.S. Alexa Aguilar, one of the BMS staff members/teacher, has been a guiding light at Building Minds School, shaping young minds and fostering a culture of growth and camaraderie. Situated in Comayagua, Honduras, the school stands as being one of the best private and bilingual schools in the area, a beacon of educational excellence within the community. As we delve into the unique educational journey offered at Building Minds School, we uncover a rich tapestry of tradition, innovation, and unwavering dedication to student success.

At the core of Building Minds School is a distinctive approach to education, where preschool through high school encompasses a seamless continuum of learning. Unlike the traditional Middle School structure found in the United States, Honduras educational system transitions students smoothly from primary to high school, fostering a cohesive academic experience. In recent years, the school has undergone significant changes, particularly in its scheduling and evaluation methods. Moving away from a semester-based system, students now experience consistent classes throughout the academic year, allowing for greater immersion and continuity in learning. Evaluation is based on a comprehensive GPA, with exams serving as pivotal assessments of student progress.

Seniors are getting trained for their next chapter after High School. Photo by BMS

In embracing the digital age, Building Minds School harnesses technology to enhance learning opportunities. From audiobooks to online resources, students benefit from a myriad of tools designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of subject matter “I am thankful with this system because it allows me to grow as a student and as a person” argued BMS student Clara Figueroa. However, the school remains vigilant in its approach to technology, imposing restrictions to ensure a safe and focused learning environment, free from the distractions of social media and excessive screen time, “Of course students are having screen time at home, but not having it at school reduces a percentage of that time”Aguilar said.

Central to the success of Building Minds School is the strong bond between students, teachers, and parents. With a culture of mutual respect and support, the school community functions as a cohesive unit, akin to a family, “Even though I’m new to knowing people at school I do have to say that the friendships you build are amazing” said BMS student Fernando Salinas . Teachers play a pivotal role in nurturing this environment, offering personalized support and guidance to each student on their academic journey, “Each teacher has its way of teaching, they receive ideas but they do it their way which helps a lot” Aguilar argued.

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One of the first meetings for school for parents at BMS. Photo by BMS

Parental involvement is actively encouraged, with initiatives such as the School for Parents program fostering collaboration between families and educators. Through workshops, meetings, and interactive sessions, parents gain valuable insights into their child’s education, reinforcing the importance of a holistic approach to learning. Despite challenges in accessing scholarships or university opportunities, Building Minds School remains committed to preparing students for future endeavors. Special programs provide support and guidance as students navigate the transition to higher education, ensuring they are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen paths, “ Like I said i’m practically new to this system but I really enjoy learning new things, things that I know will help me for further education” Salinas said.

Showing students how to do things is one of BMS teaching methods. Photo by BMS

Extracurricular activities serve as a vital component of the school experience, offering students opportunities for personal growth and self-expression. From sports teams to cultural clubs, students engage in a diverse range of activities that complement their academic pursuits, fostering a well-rounded educational experience.Language education, particularly English proficiency, is prioritized at Building Minds School. Through innovative teaching methods and immersive experiences, students develop fluency in English, opening doors to global opportunities and enhancing their future prospects.

As Building Minds School continues to evolve and adapt, it remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence and innovation. Through a combination of tradition and forward-thinking approaches, the school prepares students not only for academic success but also for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in an ever-changing world. In Honduras educational system, there exists a notable departure from the traditional 12-grade structure commonly seen in the United States. Here, students complete their formal education with 11 grades instead of the customary 12 most of them graduate High School at an early age between 16-17 y/o.

While the absence of a 12th grade may initially seem unconventional, it serves as a testament to the adaptability and effectiveness of Honduras educational system, demonstrating a commitment to maximizing educational outcomes within a condensed time frame. By condensing the curriculum into 11 grades, students are provided with a concentrated yet comprehensive learning experience, ensuring they acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for their future endeavors.


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