Robert Arms: at length

Picking up and moving to a separate school district might seem stressful and hard, but senior Robert Arms has a completely different philosophy: he takes it in stride. From his interest in the marines to a converted ISU fan, here are some quick facts about this newcomer who, in no time at all, has made himself a local.


What was your school district like in Jefferson (his hometown)?

There were a lot of groups [like] cliques. Athletics were a big part, [but] there were a lot of straight-A students. [There were] 800 students.


What are the hardest things about moving?

Nothing really– I wanted to move. I disliked Jefferson a lot.


You’re in football- how is that different in Ames than in Jefferson?

Ames is way better–we’d kill Jefferson. [My goal] this year is to go to championships.


What is your plan for after high school?

I want to go into Marines. My uncle did it. It also pays for college.


Does anything scare you about that?

No, not really. [I] want to be in the front line- get into the action first.


Have any note-worthy homecoming advice for all those un-experienced?

Don’t dance unless you know how, don’t grind, [and] go with your friends so you feel more comfortable.



ISU. I was a hawkeye fan, but converted.