Achala? More like AcHELLA


Shelby Reeves and Hayley Martens

Since Ames High is a shockingly diverse school for being located in central Iowa, we have the blessing of counting sophomore Achala Thippeswamy as one of our own. Her parents and older brother moved from India to England in the 90’s and she was born there shortly after. In 2012 the family made yet another major move to the U.S. where she has been conquering the hearts of Ames’ residents.

When asked how the move to Iowa was, she said, “I expected Iowa to be like California, but it isn’t. There are cornfields everywhere. Also I got an underbite and my vision became awful when I moved here.”

If you make the mistake of calling her an untouchable she responds with the sassy comment of, “I’m a brahman, which is the highest Indian cast.” In other words she is superior to us all and should be treated with the utmost respect. While this may hold little to no political value here in America, she would be worshipped.

While many people may infer that Achala is a high achiever based on her rigorous academic plan, she claims that she is actually horrible at most of the things she does. Her participation in cross country and track is mediocre at best. She can’t even pronounce Capri Sun correctly (cap-ree sun). She consistently leaves multiple apps open on her iPhone because she is too lazy to swipe up.

In all seriousness, Achala’s bright smile lights up the halls and classrooms she frequents. The joy she brings is unparalleled.