Words of “Wisdom”

Words of Wisdom

Andrew Ellis, Reporter

I don’t have much to say to everyone.  However, I want to share some advice which has been given to me. I have no idea where I heard these or even who said them to me, but they helped me and I hope they can help you too.

Being afraid to do something is never a valid reason to not do something.  We call it being brave.

It is only embarrassing if you are embarrassed, also, it is only awkward if you make it awkward.

To make friends be a friend.  If you pretend others are already your friends they end up becoming just that.

Criticizing someone’s taste in music is the exact equivalent to criticizing someone’s taste in food.

We judge ourselves entirely based on our intentions but others judge us by our actions.

Caring for others has extremely little to do with caring about what others think of you.

The person who lives in the past and the person who lives in the future are both equally wrong. The high schooler who goes to school every day wishing he was already in college is just as foolish as Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite who only thinks about his glory days in high school.

High School will pass like a blink of an eye whether you make it useful or not.  When you look back you will always wish you started doing the things you enjoyed most earlier than you did so start them now.