Converse Hype

Converse Hype

Megan Hofer, Reporter

From high-tops to slip-ons, Converse shoes have gone from retro to modern in less than a few decades. The teens of AHS are probably all very familiar with the completely white Converse shoe that many people have in their possession. But I bet that they are not aware of all of the shoe styles Converse has released. They have many ways of producing the exact shoe many people are dying to have.

Converse has an outrageously beautiful amount of already designed shoes that have an effect on a lot of people in this current generation. They also have an option on their website for the buyers to change the design, print and color of the shoes. There are even shoes available that are made completely of rubber. Online, the shoes cost around $75 depending on the style. Usually the money of teenagers is spent on something that is very important to them, which can usually be classified as food or things used to express themselves with.

There are many designs of Converse shoes that have high popularity at Ames High School. Like the familiar black with a white rubber sidewall (the rubber part on the side and the toe of the shoe) and white shoelaces. There is also the option of having the shoes be all black, or with a black rubber sidewall. Many different sizes and lengths of shoes are available. They come in high top, lower top, slip on and the the option of the knee high shoe that is a little less conventional. They are also available in comic book, galaxy, floating bananas and many more: the options are endless.

Not only are Converse shoes absolutely stunning in every way, shape and form, but they also will always be able to surprise the buyer.  Despite the modern and attractive look of these shoes, they are extremely comfortable. They are an amazing addition to any wardrobe and can give anybody a sleek and comfortable look that has proven to never get old.