She said, “are those zippers?”

She said, are those zippers?

Skip Stevens, The reporter

“Yes. Yes they are,” I said. No, they are not for some hidden pocket that somehow is hidden in the sole of my shoes. And no, they are not just for style. They are literally the link that holds the shoes together. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing shoes with zippers on them.

To have a zipper be the force that binds the sole and flesh of a shoe is quite unorthodox, and, to be truthfully honest, kinda ridiculous. But that doesn’t make it any less cool.


I ordered a pair of these shoes with high hopes, and upon their arrival my expectations weren’t met; they were changed entirely!


The shoes are supplied by an online shopping site called Zazzle, which focuses on customization and consumer creativity with their products. With that being said, it’s unclear as to why Zazzle would choose to make shoes the way they have. With no different color soles or the option to buy them separate from the rest of the shoe, it doesn’t make sense with the creative style of the company.


However, the unique and miscellaneous aspect of the shoe creates an appealing vibe to the human eye.


Even if they don’t become a trend in the fashion world, Zazzle’s shoes are still an interesting mix up to look out for.