Green Week in Review


The fight for environmental rights is one of most important struggles of the 21st century. Everywhere, people are starting to become more aware of the environment, specifically how to reduce waste. More people are becoming energy efficient in an attempt to reduce and stop the amount of damage being done to the planet. At Ames High School, students are also trying to raise awareness about the environment; specifically, how easy it is to “go green”€™. An idea from Student Council, “€˜Green Week” was the week of the 22nd-26th, and each day of the week was themed for a different way for student to be environment-friendly. Coincidentally, Monday was Earth Day, and students kicked off the week by biking or walking to school. On Tuesday, students wore green, and on Wednesday there was grill-out for students who had biked to school, where hamburgers, pancakes, and a multitude of other brunch-type items were served. Green week ended with a coffeehouse on Thursday, and a bike raffle on Friday. The coffeehouse was the biggest hit, and the entire was packed during second lunch to enjoy the weather and listen to music. Many students also enjoyed biking to school, as they realized how easy it was to do. Senior Hannah Bonestroo says, “€œBiking to the school is so refreshing! The strong breeze feels fabulous on my face.”€ Senior and student body co-president Bridget McFarland says that this year Green Week changed to include more green activities. “€œA completely new event was the coffeehouse. We held it in the courtyard because we were hoping that it would encourage people to to appreciate the outdoors more,”€ she says. “€œIn general, we really hope that Green Week helped students to become more aware of how easy it is to be conscious of being environment friendly.” Student council hopes to continue Green Week next year, as it seems to have made a strong impact on many students at Ames High. “€œAll the green activities opened my eyes to how simple it is to make environment conscious decisions,”€ says senior Sadie Taylor.