Opinions on new 1:1 program


Reactions to Ames’ newly implemented 1:1 computer program range from highly enthusiastic to extremely unfavorable.

“I think it’s great,” said foreign language teacher Stacy Dobernecker. “It lets us see and hear authentic materials much more easily.”

Others have taken the opposite view, mourning the loss of physical textbooks and written notes.

“I just hate computers,” said junior Nina Van Der Zanden. “They’re not necessarily going to make education better. Some people think they’re going to magically solve our problems.”

Most students and teachers fall somewhere in between the two extremes, liking the new devices but finding the added challenges frustrating.

“Some parts of the new computers are useful, but I still wish we did more things the old-fashioned way,” said Erin Girard. “Personally, I like to pretend that my laptop is a chalkboard or a bundle of books I’m carrying to a one room schoolhouse.”

New challenges for teachers include limited wi-fi access in certain classrooms, learning to navigate online textbooks, and the added hassle of keeping students’ attention while teaching a class.

“It’s added a new element to discipline and I’m still learning,” Dobernecker added. “My technology learning curve is very steep and I’m thankful for all student and teacher help.”

The new computer program is a learning experience for all parties involved; regardless of their personal opinions, teachers, students, and parents will all need to adopt the skills necessary for education in a world of rapidly developing technology.