Lilly For Target


Shelby Reeves, Reporter

Debuting April 19th, the bold and beautiful Lilly Pulitzer, a popular resort and beachwear designer, (pronounced “Pull it, Sir”)  will release a collaborative line with Target. While Lilly isn’t the first major designer to work with Target to sell to the masses, the deal is surrounded in a load of controversy.

Best known for it’s high-end shift dresses and wild patterns, many dedicated shoppers are throwing a fit on social media.

One woman tweeted saying, “I really only liked Lilly because not everyone could afford it. Like. I don’t want to wear it if my maid can too. #LillyForTarget”.

The controversy continues with another post saying, “Lilly Pulitzer is turning over in her grave right now that her legacy is being sold at Target”. A serious classist debate has been unfolding since Refinery29 revealed the news on January 6th.

Total Sorority Move, a raunchy website detailing Greek life, said in an article, “Maybe I have my priorities seriously messed up — or perhaps it’s acceptable to have a few luxuries in life that make you especially excited. That’s how I feel about Lilly Pulitzer, and though #LillyforTarget won’t change that, it leaves me with an unsettled feeling. I just hope a favorite brand of mine won’t go from a tasteful treat to a thrifty bargain find”. Interestingly enough, Lilly can also be found at TJ Maxx, a hotspot for finding the best deals on name brands.

There are a multitude of voices cheering Lilly on and bashing classism as they dive headfirst into the Target deal.

One woman wrote, “If you’re upset that Lilly is partnering up with Target- heres an idea don’t buy it . Get off your high horse and calm down #LillyforTarget”.

Another tweeted, “I just can’t get over that people are upset about #LillyforTarget….Your favorite brand isn’t so special bc others can afford it now? Wow”.

What many of these angry women are forgetting is the multitude of other designers they adore have also collaborated with Target. Neiman Marcus, Missoni, Jason Wu, Phillip Lim and TOMS have all worked with this big-box powerhouse and maintain the same level of respect in the fashion industry. Each line differed from the lines sold in department stores, just like Lilly will sell. This is how the fashion industry works.

While many girls still will pay $250 for a sundress they will wear maybe one or two times, I’m looking forward to caffeinating myself into a tizzy and buying out Target.