German Night


An actual screenshot from Der Herr Der Dinge. Mr. Reichart is so hardcore he even has pixelated sunglasses!

Kate Murray, Visual Editor

For those of you not familiar with the German class tradition, German night (or Deutsch Abend), is a night that happens once a year where the fourth year German students show off movies that they have made as a final project.  There is also food, of course, because Wurst is a very classically German food. Germans even say “that is sausage to me” if they don’t care about something.

The videos this year were far more entertaining than some of the originals apparently were. In 2002, there was a movie that was mostly people drinking coffee on a DVD we found in the back of Mr. Reichart’s room.  This year, however, the films tended to follow a theme of “secret government agents” or mafia of some sorts.

In “Mega-title,” thus nicknamed because people not in the movie couldn’t pronounce the actual title (Die Krimifernsehsendung des Verschlusssachebundesregierungscolawasserinhaltszuckerstufenqualitäteigenschaftenuntersuchungsprojekt), a scientist, who was working on making the most sugar loaded form of Dr. Pepper, ever is kidnapped.  Several FBI agents and a private detective then go after the New York mafia boss who kidnapped him.

In Taun-Taun, a wealthy husband seems to have been kidnapped, but it turns out that he ran off with his mistress. The giant walking fish.  Also the husband is a two foot tall tauntaun stuffed animal (who is named Yukon Cornelius).

In Der Herr Der Dinge, Frodo must destroy the second period German 4 “ding-board,” used to record who has been participating in class, but “Legolost” uses Apple maps instead of Google maps and everyone gets lost.  Frankly that wasn’t the worst thing to happen to them, though, because early on in the movie “banana phone” made an appearance and Mr. Reichart caused Turn Down for What to start spontaneously playing, because he’s just a really tough guy, you know? I bet he’s even in a biker gang he’s so hardcore.

And lastly, the movie that was finished an hour and a half before it was shown to the audience, Ocean’s 5.  Some gangsters who constantly play Uptown Funk hatch a plan to rob a casino in this thrilling crime adventure, with much better suits than any other movie at the German Night.

It was a great success, and I’d like to extend a hearty thanks to everyone who came to enjoy our final projects.