ACSD Mask Mandate


Sophia Cordoba

From left to right: Sam Keenan, Sofia Mamakos, and Calia Alexe. Three different takes on the mask mandate. This picture does not refelct these individualś mask preferences.

In a statement released last night, the Ames Community School District has officially enacted a mask mandate, which will begin on Friday, September 17th. The action follows a federal court ruling, which issued a “temporary restraining order… stopping the enforcement of the mask mandate ban.” 


While the decision was undoubtedly sudden, the rising tides of Covid-19 cases were not. As the delta variant surged through the United States, the number of deaths from the virus has experienced an upward trend since early July. Just this past week, the average number of cases per day has reached roughly 152,000, while the number of deaths lies at a stunning 1,888 in a day.


Iowa, however, has fared much better than some Southern states. While the average number of Covid cases in a week rests at 1,704, the number of deaths is around 9 per day. Some experts are hopeful that the Delta variant will hit its peak soon, but unfortunately, the rate still appears to be rising in Iowa. 


The school board likely viewed these numbers when making their decision this past Wednesday. They also wished to comply with the CDCs recommendation, which suggests wearing masks regardless of vaccination status. 


Students, teachers, and staff are all expected to bring their own masks into the building. However, if anyone finds themselves without the ability to provide their own, disposable masks will be offered at the front of the building. 


Currently, there is no date set for the mandate to end. However, if the mandate succeeds and the situation begins to improve, one can expect a return to normalcy.