parking lot

Almost everyone in the high school has to deal with the parking lot. If you are someone that owns a  car, you have to park in it and spend 20 minutes getting out of it. If you are walking to school you have to deal with people driving around and almost hitting you. And if you are getting dropped off by mommy, you have to deal with people getting in her way and her taking it out on you. You would think that if almost everyone in the school has to deal with the parking lot in one way or another, they would make it a fun and enjoyable experience. But no, the parking lot is so bad that people would rather park as far away as possible so they don’t have to deal with the struggle of getting out of the lot. But how could we make the parking lot better, or how can we improve for the new high schools parking lot so the students then don’t have to go through what we are now?

Well for one thing we could make the lines for parking a  little better. Everyone knows that the lines that you use to park in that lot are pretty faded in some spots. This can make it harder to park for some people, so they park in 2 different spots, and then the spots all around them are ruined and people can either not park near them, or park next to them and also take up 2 sports. You see the problem with this? When one person parks bad, it makes everyone around them park even worse. And this gets so much worse when it starts to snow outside. I  don’t think that it is a asking for the parking lot to be plowed is a huge favor. But apparently it is, because there is almost always a layer of snow and slush just chilling on the pavement. Because of this, people are forced to park where they THINK they are supposed to park, not using the lines that are put there to help you park. After one person parks where they think they are supposed to park, the people around them just park close to that car trying to fit in. Meaning that no one is parking how they are supposed to, they are just parking near other people. 

Speaking of near other people, let’s talk about the space to drive in the parking lot. Its really small, to the point that you always feel like you are going to get hit by someone because there is not enough space for the cars. Or maybe everyone in the school is just really bad at driving, and that could very possible be right. But no matter the reason it feels this way, it does and needs to be fixed. The spacing for cars is really small, and it comes into play a  lot more when you are trying to turn in the parking lot. Because the space is so small, if you are trying to turn around a parked car, you don’t have enough space to see if there is anyone around that car. You cant pull out enough to see well without hitting another can trying to get out of the lot, so you just have to hope and go slow. And going slow is always annoying. 

Another one of the worst things to do with the parking lot is just trying to get out of it. The path out to the road is always extremely crouded and is the reason that it takes 20+ minutes to get out. The path leads out to parents trying to get their kids, and the busses. And this makes it take forever to get out. I  don’t know why it takes so long, because the busses take 10+ minutes to even leave the school, so why is no one moving for so long? I don’t see why people don’t move at the stop sign for 2 reasons. 1) if it is a stop sign, this should mean that one person goes every 5ish seconds if there is no other reason to stop. So why is no one moving? 2) no one stops at the sign anyways, so why is no one moving?