Ames High Swim Dome – So Long Old Friend


Ames High has always been proud of its swimming status, and rightfully so! With several championship awards, it’s no surprise that we boast about our record. We always aim to represent the values that Ames has both in and out of the pool. Speaking of which, the new pool is under construction! Although the new pool will have more lanes, better facilities, and a better atmosphere overall, some are still sad to see the old swim dome bid its farewell in the coming months. Others not so much. Don’t take it from me though, here’s what some Ames High Swimmers, both old and new had to say about the Dome.


When asked about the Ames High Swim Dome, Sophomore Nathan Dietrich had this to say, “I think of the smell, the somewhat musty and stale air along with the humidity of the dome.”


And Junior Cody Brink said, “A Legacy, inside of that musty crappy pool we had legends. Dan Flannery Coached our girls team to many state titles, we have had swimmers go to the Olympic Trials, and have made a name for our teams, both guys and girls.”


Given the harsh conditions for school spirit, what with Covid and constant admin changes, I was curious to see if any of the swimmers were showing signs of a revitalized school spirit.


“What did the pool do for you?”


Freshman Ember Biggs said it “Gave me a place to go after school and gave me the first bit of school spirit I’ve felt all year.”


Me too Ember, me too.


Not every experience at the Dome was positive. It comes with the territory after all. But even I must admit that the pool had its ups and downs, especially downs. From mold, to bad upkeep in general. It seems I’m not alone in this thought, though.


“If you could change one thing about your time at the pool, what would it have been?”


Nathan Dietrich says, “Better ventilation of the pool, would have made swimming easier with less throat-killing coughs” and Ames High graduate and former team swimmer Sayre Satterwhite said, “Have been able to swim in a pool that didn’t make people throw up and wheeze because of how little oxygen there was and had more than one shower head that worked.” He also said this when asked whether he was said to see the pool go or not, “No. The only reason I’m sad to see the dome go is because the man who made Ames High swimming the powerhouse it is today won’t get to see it end it’s reign of terror. Dan would tell us during practice “I can’t wait to push the button to blow this place up.” No one left more under the Dome than Dan, and if he wanted it gone, I think that’s telling of the attitudes of most people regarding the pool.”


These are just some things other swimmers had to say about the Ames High swim dome, and I agree with them for the most part. It can’t be argued that memories were made under that dome and stories were created. I still remember the time I broke my nose hitting the bottom of the pool after swimming my first (and last) 500 yd freestyle. I must say, having swam at that pool for so long, it’s gonna be weird not seeing it in its outlandish shape for a pool.


Overall though, it’s been long overdue for a renovation, if not a total demolition. It’s gone on in it’s condition for a while now and I’m surprised that someone from the CDC hasn’t come down themselves to inspect the pool. So with that, good-bye Ames Municipal Pool, I’ll miss you for better and for worse.