Mockingjay: Part 2

Sahar Sebghati and Braxton Buser

The stage is set for battle in the final installment of the Hunger Games franchise, Mockingjay Part 2. Panem’s heroine Katniss Everdeen goes to war one last time. It’s time to finish what she started.

The theatre sat anxiously as moviegoers waited for the movie to start. In a matter of hours the beloved book series would have reached its cinematic end. The trailers had finished. Let the games begin.

Heart pulsing action, gripping emotion, and a riveting plot are all components of this glorious final movie. Fans will not be disappointed.

It’s time for Katniss to live up to her Mockingjay image. The people of Panem are hurting everyday because of cruel President Snow. As the rebels prepare to take on the capitol, she realizes what her mission is. She must kill President Snow.

No more suffering, no more tyranny, and no more Hunger Games. Each disastrous event that Katniss is faced with only gives her more and more reason to fulfill her mission.

Jennifer Lawrence gives a staggering performance as the girl on fire. She lives up to her role and delivers each line with plunging emotion. As the newly brainwashed Peeta, Josh Hutcherson showed a new range of acting chops. The dynamic between the two, along with Katniss’s vendetta, set up the plot for most of the movie.

When the theater lights flickered back on, the crowd was brought back to reality. Mockingjay never left its audience bored. For those fans that have yet to put themselves through the end of their favorite series, do so now.

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