Shouting the New Leaders: Trinity and Jonathan

Bella Andersen, Campus Life Editor

With the school year in full swing, the clubs at Ames High are welcoming new staff but also new leaders. More specifically there are new Shout leaders. Junior Trinity Jones and sophomore Jonathan Watt will be taking over the previous roles of graduates Jill Zmolek and Kub Stevens.

Some students at AHS were curious of what Shout was, or what the point was. Trinity explained that the reason behind Shout is to allow students to see what is going on at Ames High during that month through the broadcast. It keeps students aware of what’s going on at the high school. Jonathan said, “ Shout introduces high school students to a different kind of journalism that they might not be used to, which is broadcast journalism. We give others the opportunity to get involved with something that they could hopefully turn into a career later in life. If there’s anything you want covered at Ames High, chances are we can do it.” These are both great answers for those who didn’t quite understand.

Jones explained that her decision to become co-leader was simple. She said, “I really enjoyed being apart of Shout as a freshman and sophomore. When I was offered a co-leadership position, I was more than happy to take on the role. I was excited to incorporate some new ideas into Shout and to allow Shout to keep going.” Jonathan said, “ I was asked since I was involved last year, and I wanted to help steer Shout in new ways with Trinity.” He also mentioned that he’s really hoping to improve on what Shout was in years past. “It was an awesome thing that attracted a lot of different stories from Ames High, and I’m really happy that we’ll get to build on that this year.”

Trinity said her favorite part about Shout is definitely Man on the Street (M.O.S.) because she’s able to get other AHS student’s answers to a hypothetical question. The answers she receives make her laugh and sometimes make her think “Wow, I never thought of it that way” or “I would’ve never thought of that”. The answers also allow her to appreciate the diversity in mindset we have at Ames High. She said, “when I do M.O.S. my day literally gets 10x better.” Jonathan’s favorite part of Shout is watching the final product. The crew spends roughly a month on each 7-minute video, so they try to make it as good as they possibly can using their resources.

Oh, also. There aren’t really any new and big changes to Shout, with the new leaders. Trinity said, “There won’t be any major changes to Shout this year set up wise, but we do have many new members of the Shout team, and although they’re new it’s an awesome group that I know will bring their unique potential to the team. I do hope to incorporate my personality in the broadcasts. I want people to watch Shout and say “I can tell Trinity was apart of making that.” With new leadership comes new ideas, this should be an exciting for Shout!