Rob Bingham’s Senior Column


As I stare at the ever growing face of apathy, that is the final semester of one’s Senior year, I can’t help but notice the amalgam of learning experiences, the past four years have been. My family and I had just move from Northbrook Illinois, a Nouveau riche suburb of Chicago, the summer of between my 8th grade and freshman year. I, being not used to the ways of Iowa in particular Ames, was welcomed by most as if I had lived here my whole life. I have nothing but respect and appreciation for Ames, and am proud to call myself Little Cyclone.


That being said… I have some words of advice for all those that will inevitably come after me:

1.TAKE CLASSES WITH ZMOLEK: Be it Sociology, World Issues, or Economics; he is an AMAZING teacher (One of the best I have ever had). He makes every class thoroughly enjoy. The most important thing that he (and Mr. Utez) taught me, was that learning doesn’t need to boring or belabouring; it can be fun and exciting.


2.(It may be cliché, but)Explore: This is a time for you to find who you are, who you want to be. I started freshman year thinking that I wanted to go into biomedical engineering, by the end of sophomore year I wanted to be a lawyer, in junior year I wanted to be a politician, and now I want to be a political economist. I know that in a few months I probably will change my mind, but thats ok because I am still growing, maturing, and learning.



Rediscover old things: In my case it is in Photography. I had always like taking photos with my dad’s old Nikkormat FT3 as a child, but when I took photography class with Mrs. Quintero, it gave me a new flash of interest. (See what I did there “Flash”. Get it, because Cameras have flashes.) I would later go on and win a  National Silver Medal in The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, for one of my photos. What I’m trying to say is you might have done something when you were younger, and for some reason or another, try it again; it might surprise you how much you enjoy it.

3.Your teachers aren’t there to like you: You need to face the fact,whether you like it or not,  that you are here to learn, end of story. Your teachers are here to present you with knowledge you need to succeed. If they are nice, or cool (i.e. Utez, Zmolek, Webb, Walter, Stephens, all the Social Studies teachers, Hassebrock, Jahn, Woolery, Johnson, all the English teachers, really most of the teachers and faculty), it will make the class that much more enjoyable then that’s a bonus. Though if it’s isn’t, suck it up and learn.


4.Friends can wait: I’m not advocating staying at home, locked away in your room every weekend, slaving the excessive amounts of A.P. Bio homework. You should have a balance, between work and play. If you learn how to manage your time , you will be better off when you make it into the real world.



  1. Dr. Avise is your friend. He is someone who gets things done, be it good or bad, you ask him for help with something, it will get taken care of.
  2. The best water fountain in by the band rooms near Mr. Utez’s room.
  3. Be kind to your teachers (it will go a long way towards #3)
  4. Join clubs like Spectrum, Econ/Poli-Sci, or Tech crew (Praise Borris). If there isn’t a club that fits you, make one.
  5. You only have four years here, so make the most of them.


Finally, I would like to thank a few people for being there, in various roles, throughout my high school career. First, my teachers, we may have not seen eye to eye, you have helped me grow.  Next I have to thank my friends; Quinn, Aislinn, Alyssa, Conor, Jared, Rachel, Hoyt, Drayke and all the rest you guys have been there from me, during my best and worst, you always had my back. Thank you. Last but not least, I would like family. We’ve had our up and downs during my 18 years of existence, if there is only one thing I know for certain, it would be that you are, and always will be there for me.