Homecoming Review


Aj Foegen, Online Editor

Annual releases are always a tricky thing for developers to get right. Could the new Iowa-based team make Homecoming 14 better than last year’s edition? Let’s find out.

Starting at the point of sale, you could see the influence that this year’s developers had from the start. Given a very patriotic-looking business card (also called a “ticket”) in exchange for $10, this paper-made device gains you entry into the event that is sometimes known as “HOCO 14.” It’s a very peculiar route that the developers took this year, choosing to let your ticket only be redeemable in a very specific timeframe. Though it was a bold move, it seemed to work well this year.

After using my pre-purchased ticket to gain entry into the building known as the high school gym, I was given a mark on the inside of my wrist as a kind of symbol that states “I paid $10 for this.” Going down the stairs into the gym the familiar sound of the unce-unce-unce and the smell of sweaty high-schoolers filled my senses. What a sight it was.

The dancing was manic. Random people jumping up and down off-beat, chants of people’s names, and a general toastiness to the venue really made the night come alive. Circles were formed waiting for someone to go dance in the middle but nobody would appear. Some people trying to keep to themselves and other dancing wildly with that “Look at me, guys!” look on their face. It was nuttier than a pet raccoon.

After hearing yet another Pitbull song, I decided to check out the drink selection up on the balcony above. There was water. It was “aight” according to a random passerby.

All in all, it was a night that I’ll eventually forget, but for the time being it felt at least a little less awkward than Homecomings in the past. I’d say that Homecoming 14 is one of the better installations in the series, taking what was good in previous years and making it even better.

Graphics – 8/10 – There were strobe lights! But a few of the NPC’s attire seemed glitched, as I saw one wearing a basketball jersey instead of a shirt and tie.

Sound – 2/10 – Dale! Pitbull! Mr. Worldwide! No.

Replayability – 0/10 – Only a one-time use thing. Not a fan of that.

Value – 8/10 – It was $10, hard to pass up.

Overall – 7.5/10