Mainstream feminism and why it sucks

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Nash Masinde, Reporter

Mainstream (most visible to the masses) feminism has its pros as it gets information to more people and teaches them the basic definition of feminism but, sadly, its cons outweigh its pros. Its main problems: a lack of intersectionality and under-representation of marginalized women.

Mainstream feminism is essentially ‘Feminist-lite’. It only addresses the basics of feminism without getting into how it affects different kinds of women. It leaves out the people who need it most while ironically upholding patriarchy (a system of society or government in which men hold the power)  by concentrating on the male gaze ( how heterosexual men view the world) and preserving white supremacy (focusing only on how issues affect only white women).

It states that women make 75¢ to a man’s dollar while conveniently forgetting that that only applies to white men and women and everyone else makes less than that. It views Emma Watson as a feminist hero and a game changer for giving a speech on how feminism helps men (which focuses the movement on them) while minority women are denounced for sharing stories about their experiences. Because it is really basic it reduces the whole movement to nothing but burning bras.

Recognize the women who don’t have the same opportunities as you. Fight for the women who don’t want the same things as you. It’s 2015 and most people can’t recognize that different women have different problems. This is not the suffrage movement. This is not the 1890’s. Your feminism is intersectional or it is pointless.