The Battle of the Buns


Mykah Kennedy and Shelby Reeves

Anti man buns

by Mykah Kennedy

As 2014 came to a close, many old trends began coming back into the mainstream. 90’s grunge and the 70’s flower child look made their way back into the spotlight. Then came a trend all its own. Man buns.

Man buns, also known as “muns,” are when a man pulls back his hair that hasn’t been washed in God knows how long, and somehow manages to get it into a bun.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for dressing how you want and self expression and all, but man buns cross the line. I’m just not buying into the whole “oh my gosh that same greasy hair just pulled back is so much sexier” thing that every teenage girl seems to believe.

I think that girls need to understand that just because Harry Styles and Zayn Malik do something, they don’t make it attractive. One Direction does not rule the world. Yet.

Due to the uprising of women expressing their love for long hair and man buns, there are more men that are trying out the man bun look. This causes men that should never have long hair in the first place desperately try to grow it out. Then they try out the bun and the tabloids go crazy.

If women find this look so attractive, why don’t they try wearing their unwashed hair up in a bun and see how it works out for them? It suddenly doesn’t sound so great, does it?


* * *

Pro man buns

by Shelby Reeves

According to science, man buns are the hottest thing to have swept mainstream culture. After years and years dealing with a sea of buzz cuts, it was time for a change.

Around this time last year, “the flow” was a popular hairstyle among the fashionable teenage and young adult men. While this was hit or miss, the truly dedicated reached the beautiful pinnacle of hair. David Beckham, undeniably the sexiest man to ever walk this earth, leveled up and let his hair grow.

Teen pop sensation Harry Styles went through a truly tragic phase where he wore these ridiculous headscarves and looked like a farmer. However after a few months he shows up at a pumpkin farm in October rocking a braided bun. Bandmate Zayn Malik NEARLY hit the glorious bun stage, but jumped ship and shaved the sides.

Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper, two very very beautiful men also rocked the long hair. The questionable lead singer of the 1975, Matt Healthy or whatever, also has long hair. Google “man buns” and the positive reviews are endless. Man buns just go to show that good things come to those who wait.

Here we all are a year later and the traditionally masculine military-esque haircuts are starting to give way to a wave of long flowing locks. Call me in 5 years when your boyfriend has shoulder length hair and say “you know what Shelby, you were right”.