Buzzfeed is not the worst

Buzzfeed is not the worst

Shelby Reeves, Reporter

Adolescence can be summed up in a word: confusion. Confusion about the future, the present and even the past. When the responsibilities of adulthood are rushing towards me like an angry gaggle of geese, having someone there to hold my hand is absolutely crucial.


In times like these, I turn to Buzzfeed.


Making decisions is next to impossible. Which marine mammal am I? Am I Khloe Kardashian or Amber Rose? How should I punish the sexist pigs in my life? Could I be the next president? Which guy from “The Office” should I date? (Jim, obviously).


Thank god for Buzzfeed quizzes. If I wasn’t able to click pictures that seemingly have no actual relation to the issue at hand in the article, I would never be able to make up my mind about anything. Even while I write this article I had to double check using a handy quiz to make sure that I really am Mulan.


Buzzfeed can also be there to give myself a big ego boost. Articles coming along badly? I can totally spot what kind of pastas these are because I’m Italian or whatever. Seriously. Know the difference between tortellini and cannoli. Not that difficult. Drake or Fake? Please. I know my Drakes. Bring it on.


Not only is Buzzfeed a rational source for decision making, it’s possibly the most reliable news source out there. Censorship in the American press is a pressing issue. The bright young minds of Ames High School crave uncensored information. What better way to bring valuable information to the table than through an irreverent Buzzfeed article or two?


Unblock it.