Stop hating Reality TV


Tifany Chu, Reporter

Nowadays, everyone is getting TV show, a group of Armenian sisters, a family of “honey boo boos” and even a competition to see who can survive the longest being both naked and afraid. You might think that reality shows are the definition of trashy TV, however I’m here to prove you wrong. This is why you should sit down and start watching some reality TV.

Despite there not being a plot, the shows are entertaining. There’s a reason why the Kardashians are on their 10th season, it’s because the personalities and the daily lives of these stars are interesting. Where else can you watch a group of socialites go to events and solve extremely first world problems.

Most reality TV shows are actually really calming. It’s not really heavy on plot so it allows you to sit back relax and turn your brain off. In a world full of drama and fake people, it is nice to watch an entertaining show and chill. Also since watching the show isn’t really mind draining, its perfect for multitasking. You could easily crush a season of Survivor and still get a 100% on that test.

Many think that these stars are just famous for being famous. However, if being a star is so easy then why isn’t everyone a star? It takes some kind of charisma and talent to be able to captivate the minds and hearts of people all around the world. It takes a sort of charm to be able to be likable, and consistently in the tabloids.

Take the Kardashians for example: If you think about, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian were able to turn a sex tape into a multi-million dollar franchise. If that doesn’t say talent, then nothing does. Also, despite your qualms about the Kardashians, close to 4 million people tune in to watch the weekly episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Actually, in the 30 minutes it took me to write this article, Kim made about fifteen thousands dollars just from her app. Regardless if you support this family, they are still making millions. If you can’t beat them, join them!

I personally think that reality TV isn’t as bad as everyone thinks it is. It’s funny, it’s relatable, it’s pretty much the same as normal TV. There is no reason why there should be this much stigmatism around reality TV. Theres no need to hate what you don’t understand.