Mayor’s Youth Committee


Sonja Paulson, Reporter

Mayor’s Youth Committee or MYC is a club to involve youth in making decisions in the community. They have been around for 18 years. One issue that MYC takes pride in is getting the city to build the skatepark.

Every year, the members of MYC host a breakfast for the mayor to come and answer questions from the club members. Other clubs are invited to come to the breakfast as well such as Student Council and National Honors Society.

Last year, MYC ran a survey of 611 students asking about their opinion on e-cigarettes. For those who don’t know, e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) are electronic nicotine delivery systems. They deliver nicotine like a regular cigarette, and can be quite combustible. The members of MYC took the information they gathered from the survey to the city council and the city council is currently developing language that will be used in an ordinance to prohibit electronic devices in public places.

Twice a semester, members of MYC go to Ames Middle School to teach 8th graders about the effects of drugs and bullying. They also answer questions that the 8th graders have for the high school.

Mayor’s Youth Committee is currently recruiting, so if you are interested, come to their next meeting on Wednesday, December 2 at 8 am in room 30.