Why rap music is motivational


Sam Stuve, Reporter

Drugs, guns, and promiscuity. Those are the things that many people think rap music is about. To me, I see more than half of the rap songs made are motivational.

Rap music has beats that will make you feel energized and motivate yourself to dream big or to not give up on what challenges you face in this life. Rap music to me is great workout music because it makes a lot of people want to do more while they’re working out.

Rap Music has grown since its early days in the late 70’s. I believe this is the case because of two reasons. Sports and the film industry.

Sports and Rap Music have become synonymous with each other. For instance, If you go to a major sporting event in New York or Los Angeles you are bound to see a major rapper there.

Rap music is also tied closely with the film industry because of how much rap music is played in certain movies (often when the main character is looking for hope or ambition).

The reason I feel rap music and sports are synonymous with each is because I think that most rap songs that are meant to motivate others to go the extra mile is because those songs feel like a three or four minute speech.

All in all you can call rap music whatever you want to call it. But to me it will always be one thing. Motivational.