Dyvigs: The truth about the lies


Queen Victoria, Reporter

Dyvigs pet shoppe is a local business that offers specialty pet food, fish, snakes, birds, lizards and an assortment of mice, hamsters and guinea pigs, along with purebred and hybrid puppies. The owner of Dyvigs is Dale Dyvig. Dale has owned three pet shops in his life, Dyvigs pet shoppe being his third.

If you were to google Dyvigs Pet Shoppe, you would find almost twenty review sites. Each review has almost the same goal: to rip Dyvigs Pet Shoppe to shreds. If you would take a closer look, you would find half of the reviewers are faceless characters from another state. If you were to click over to the images tab, you would find countless pictures of the awful people protesting the sale of puppies and wanting him to endorse adoption. These people have one goal in mind: to kill a small town business and to stop the sale of purebred and hybrid puppies.

Now to answer the question everyone has: Where does Dyvigs get their puppies? The answer, for the most part, is Century Farms. The owners of Century farms have been breeding dogs for close to 25 years, and their farm has been in their family for 112 years. Century Farms operates within the confines of the law and has not violated any laws.

So, long story short, Dyvigs Pet Shoppe is doing nothing wrong and deserves to be left alone. All Dyvigs wants is to operate without the fear of radical protesters willing to do anything to push their hateful agenda down the throats of the citizens of Ames.


PHOTO: My dog Clay, a happy, healthy Cavachon, whom I gladly purchased from Dyvigs.