Tech and Drama


Lucas Bleyle, Diversions Editor

Contrary to popular belief, the gaping rift that many believe separates Tech Crew and Drama Club is barely a rift at all

. Drama Club provides the actors. Tech Crew provides the sets, lights and sound. They are two parts in a greater whole.

“We all have to [work] hand in hand,” said Thomas Garrett, junior Tech Crew member, who has participated in multiple productions both as an actor and a Techie. Any rift that drives both club and crew apart hurts the final product.

“The purpose of a set is to just make you feel like you’re there, like you are in the show,” said Thomas. “The set should look nice. It should look beautiful.” Thomas continued to discuss the necessity of the set and Tech Crew, as well as the necessity of the actors who tell the story of the production. Without either one, the production will not work.

“It is very important for Tech Crew and the actors to bond with each other because we are both in this together,” said Jill Schoenrock, junior member of Drama Club. Thomas agreed with the idea, encouraging Drama Club members to come to watch the set workers, and for the Tech Crew to attend production rehearsals. Being in a musical or play is being part of something larger than one’s self. It is to be part of a group working towards a common goal, where every part is essential.

My favorite part is when everyone claps, and you realize you are the ones who made it possible to make sure this show happened. It makes you feel ecstatic – you get a smile on your face and you don’t even know why.

— Thomas Garret

It is a special thing to be part of such a production and none of it would be possible without those now and in the past who have worked hard to bring unity between Drama Club and Tech Crew, and the department as a whole. The rift between the Drama Club and the Tech Crew is never larger than across the stage.

“I think everyone for both drama and tech should try out,” said Thomas. “This is a once in a lifetime thing to be in a play in high school.”