Let’s just not

Let's just not

Sabrina Lang, Reporter

March 7, 2016

I’m insanely disappointed in Ames High students. I witnessed all the feedback from Joel and Shelby’s articles from last month’s edition of the WEB. There were people calling them out on twitter and instagram. On instagram, Joel’s article was accused of attacking the prom committee. Which is...

Beyonce’s spotlight

Beyonce's spotlight

Achala Thippeswamy, Reporter

March 2, 2016

While some people were excited for the sport, others were excited to see how Beyonce was going to steal the spotlight from the Super Bowl. The day before, Bey dropped a new song, Formation, to celebrate Black History Month causing an immense amount of hype. Everyone was listening to the new song within m...

Tech and Drama

Tech and Drama

Lucas Bleyle, Diversions Editor

March 1, 2016

Contrary to popular belief, the gaping rift that many believe separates Tech Crew and Drama Club is barely a rift at all . Drama Club provides the actors. Tech Crew provides the sets, lights and sound. They are two parts in a greater whole. “We all have to [work] hand in hand,” said Thomas ...

Spring Play Heats Up The Down Staircase

Senior Miranda Maher

Christopher Jackson

May 3, 2013

Ames High'€™s drama department never sleeps. From the tech crew which keeps the auditorium pristine to the acting corps that bring the energy, the program headed by teacher Steven Woolery never stops going. The spring play has long been a tradition at Ames High. This year'€™s play is Up The Down...