The glorious CADD 1 class

Lauren Eller, Reporter

7Peering into the CADD 1 class at Ames High School one might be under the impression that we have a room of working engineers collaborating to build some great piece of machinery in our midsts. This isn’t far from the truth as those in CADD 1 are using computer software that actual architects, engineers and manufacturers use in their everyday endeavors.

The  CADD 1 teacher, Mr. Jahn, aims to prepare his students for the ‘real world’. He designed this class for students to be mostly independent in their learning, which puts students “ahead of the curve” when it comes to future internships and jobs.

A typical day in CADD 1 consists of a cookie cutter set of online instructions telling students how to navigate one of the three complex computer softwares they utilize in class. Mr. Jahn walks around the room offering his assistance to students as they need it but lets them remain in control of their learning pace. This class also has online tutorials in case students need extra help.

Mr. Jahn admits the finals he gives are difficult because they are application based, but he says he tries to create the final to be an accurate measure of how much the student knows and can apply in the future. Students, if a class accurately prepares you for your desired work force, what more could you ask for?

If you are interested in engineering or architecture or anything of the sort, CADD 1 is an excellent way to test the waters before deciding upon a major in one of these fields. “It is the only class offered at Ames that gives a concept of engineering,” said current CADD 1 student Macy Volbrecht. Volbrecht, who is considering a future in the engineering field, has been able to dive into the subject as a high school senior, which could give her an advantage when she enters college and starts to apply for internships.

Mr. Jahn says that he is very proud of the 20% female enrollment in CADD 1 as this percentage is a department high in a field of study that isn’t very traditional for women. So males, females, architects and manufacturers alike, CADD 1 is a great place to take that will arm you with tools to take on the real world by storm.