Ames High’s Newest Addition: Teddy Evans

Ames High’s Newest Addition: Teddy Evans

Tynan Shahidi, Reporter

One of the greatest valentine’s gifts Ames High got this past month is something that this school has needed for some time now. No, it’s not a pet monkey but it’s the next best thing. Ames High has welcomed newly acquired free agent, Mr. Teddy “T-Money” Evans.

This is a huge get for the Little Cyclones, the school has needed someone new to come in right away and make an impact putting slacking kids back into class. T-Money has an abundance of accomplishments before heading here to Ames High, previous receiving CIML hall monitor of the year, and recently received 2nd team all-american hall monitor.

In all seriousness though, Teddy Evans was brought in by his father $pence Evans and is an extreme help to this school. It’s no joke that cutting class has gotten to be a problem at Ames High. He provides an extra eye to watch over our students trying to mess around during class and lunch. When asked about the job, Teddy mentioned, “I love seeing all the kids and noticing how I’ve grown over the years, brings back a lot of memories! it’s about the children but it really does help that I also get to keep an eye on my brother and sister [Joe and Sarah].”

Teddy gets to join the staff with his Father (principal), Mother (media center employee), and superstar brother sister duo. Teddy outside of his job is a really nice, fun-loving guy but when it comes to disciplining kids, be afraid. Next time you’re cutting class hopefully you don’t run into this 6’3 giant, you’ll be sorry.