Snapchat ruined my life


Snap Streak Emojis

Tifany Chu, Opinion Editor

Throughout the history of mankind, there have been some fantastic ideas and inventions. However last year, the world was hit with the most revolutionary marketing idea of all time: Snapchat Streaks.

In this day and age where most of people’s photo albums are filled with more screenshots than actual photos, it’s important to stay off the record. Snapchat allows you to send photos without any receipts. It is more low key than sliding into someone’s facebook or twitter dms so it was very attractive to high schoolers. Back in the day, snapchat had a feature where it would show everyone’s top 3 best friends. Everyone constantly threw huge fits about that and some even held detailed records of every person’s best friends. In early 2015, snapchat ended that feature. This angered many high school girls since they were forced to stay in their lanes and mind their own business for once in their lives.

In its place, snapchat added snap streaks among many other useless and excessive emojis. Snap streaks appear as a ?emoji with a number that shows how many days straight you have been snapping the person. This quite honestly has ruined my life. Before this, I found no need to reply to anyone, there was no expectations and no pressure. Now, one slip up and I might completely ruin something I’ve worked 200 days for. I have maintained multiple friendships in real life just so my streak would survive. I am planning on to put my snapchat username and password on my grave stone.

Snapchat code of Selena Gomez
Snapchat code of Selena Gomez

Most people agree that the only reason they still use snapchat is to maintain their snap streaks. It’s in a word, addictive. There is no point to this, there is also no end. Once you get the coveted ? emoji, you are trapped. You are 100 days deep and breaking this streak is like breaking your arm. No excuses will be tolerated, snap streaks should be your top most priority.
Snapchat streaks have dragged snapchat from fading into oblivion to probably the most highly used app by teens today. Feel free to put this on your story and share it on facebook!