No one likes turkey


Tifany Chu, Opinion Editor

It’s November now, the sun decided it was time to stop playing games and to finally enter seasonal depression like the rest of us. Between the fun that is Halloween and the festivities of Christmas, comes the in between mess that is Thanksgiving. Apart from dodging personal questions this year, one also has to force themselves to pick between “white and dark” Turkey meat. For the record: NO ONE LIKES TURKEY. Coupled with a desert-dry texture and the overpowering taste of salt, turkey is easily the worst kind of protein.

Nowadays, it has become evident that the “ Thanks-giving” message of the holiday has been overshadowed by the meal itself. The symbol of a Thanksgiving meal is a nicely roasted turkey.  However, apart from its symbolic status, the meat itself doesn’t carry its own. Every Thanksgiving, I go to dinner with an open mind, hoping that my mouth has somehow developed a liking for Turkey. Time and time again, I set myself up for disappointment. I end up having to shove the turkey in my mouth and initiating an Oscar worthy performance of me “enjoying” the turkey. I can easily do without the turkey in exchange for more Mac and Cheese or literally anything else.

I wish that one day Americans will come to terms with the disappointment that is turkey and get rid of it all together. In my honest opinion, switching out your turkey for a rotisserie chicken is your best bet. Not only does a rotisserie chicken resemble a turkey, it also tastes better and reduces the amount of leftovers. Turkey leftovers are easily the worst kind of leftovers. Turkey usually loses most of its taste by the second day and becomes so much drier, something that I didn’t think was possible.

A Rotisserie Chicken perfectly roasted on the stake.
A Rotisserie Chicken perfectly roasted on the stake.

Hopefully, one day in the near future, turkey will no longer be a staple at the dinner table. NO ONE LIKES TURKEY. It tastes terrible and it’s at the end of the day a gigantic waste of food.

PS: Turkeys are adorable. Chickens are not.