Madrigal Madness

Achala Thippeswamy, Reporter

With the holiday season at it’s peak, the annual traditions of Ames High have resurfaced and filled the halls of the school with joy. Among the many other traditions here, the Orchestra, Choir, and Drama students have once again come together to bring us another unique and special performance to celebrate the season.

An elegant night to remember, Madrigal provides a one of a kind experience for its audience with amazing food, music, and acting by the talented members of Ames High. The students dress in beautiful medieval costumes and the audience is served delicious food.  After auditioning and several weeks of preparation, the performance took place on December 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, with sold out shows as the Ames community gathered to be part of a wonderful tradition.

The performers in Madrigal never fail to thoroughly entertain and make an enjoyable experience for the audience. Senior Taylor Junck commented on the show saying, “This is my third year going and I love it more and more every time! It really showcases all of Ames High’s musical talent, from the band and orchestra to the singers and the actors. Nothing gets me in the mood for the holidays quite like Madrigal!” It is equally as fun for those who participated in Madrigal according to senior Maddy Spikes who says, “I always enjoy Madrigal because it’s always an awesome performance by everyone that’s involved and always gets me in the Christmas spirit which I love.”

Madrigal is an experience that should be shared with as many people as possible. With the hard work and dedication the members put into the performance, their efforts are clearly evident through the audience’s enjoyment of the night. It is an exceptional performance that keeps you coming back each December for more.