Why I should have attended more high school musicals


Sam Stuve, Reporter

No, I’m not talking about the “High School Musical” movies (although they are awesome, judge me I dare you), I’m talking about the musicals that happen at our high school. I have been in this high school for 2 and half years now, and until I attended the amazing Guys and Dolls musical, I had never been to a Ames high musical. I used to see snapchat stories of people at the musical and thought “Why go?”, “What’s the point?” and, “It’s not that special.”

Originally, I wasn’t going to go to the musical. I was going to sit at home and watch college basketball. But after talking to one of the main dolls and hearing Spence’s’ speach about supporting Ames High students. I thought, you know what, I’ll go. So that Saturday night I left my house and drove up to high school. In order to get a true feel for how good the performance was, I sat in the front row alone, with no distractions.

Going into the musical I had no expectations, I thought that it would be boring. I was way off. The performance by the cast and crew amazed me. The talent that was on display that night, blew me away. I simply did not know how amazing our musicals are, until I attended the show. I did not think that  the musical was going to have any funny moments in it, but yet again I was wrong. Normally when I rate or review something I usually give what I’m rating or reviewing, as score out of 10. However, in this case I don’t have a rating because I had no expectations for the show. But I must say, that the show was great and I would come to it again if I could.

I should have gone to more musicals here at Ames High in the past. Instead of going my phone and seeing snapchat stories of the musical, I should have got up and drove to the high school to attend the musical, earlier than I did. I now realize that my preconceptions of musicals were wrong. I originally thought that most musicals were not funny, boring, and not that special at all. While some musicals could still fit one of those descriptions (I have yet to find out), this musical simply did not fit any of those descriptions. In my opinion, the musical Guys and Dolls was very entertaining, very interesting, and worth attending.

I don’t know when the next performance is. But, I do know one thing. I will try to be there. I will do as much as I can to attend the next musical. I strongly encourage you all to do the same. I know the musical might be long, but I’m sure of one thing. The musical will be worth your time. I look forward to the next musical that there is, whenever that might be.