The real reason people dislike Donald Trump

Sam Stuve, Reporter

There are many reasons why people may or may not hate Donald Trump. That is why 54% of americans disapprove of what he is doing (according to NBC News and The Wall Street Journal). There are many reasons why people may hate one another. This should go without saying, but both of the presidential candidates in this year’s election were not good candidates by any stretch of the imagination for reasons that we all know very well by this point. I’m not going to go into what issues the Left and Hillary Clinton have (there are many), because that would be pointless since she didn’t win and that is not the point of this article. The point of this article is to showcase the real reason why people hate Donald Trump.

There is one big reason why many people do not like him. He comes off as a bully.

The Intercept stated: “The way that Trump interacts with other people is very violent. He seems like a physical bully. . . . He seeks out conflicts in which he is going to be gratuitously brutal to other people.” Many believe that he can be unrestrained at times. The main reason people believe this is because he can go the extra mile to be a bully to people who speak out against him or speak their mind.

Trump throughout his campaign and his presidency so far, he made offensive comments towards women and minorities. For instance, on his twitter Donald Trump has tweeted stuff like this “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband, what makes you think she can satisfy America?” He has tweeted some offensive things about minorities. “Why can’t Mexicans be more like Asians less rape, more computers.” In response to questions from Don Lemon about his infamous Mexican comments: “Well, somebody’s doing the raping, Don. I mean somebody’s doing it,” Trump said, according to CNN. “Who’s doing the raping? Who’s doing the raping?” He also has made remarks on what women should do with themselves physically, “any woman who has a breast reduction is ‘insane’.

Trump he has also been quick to label men who point challenge on of his opinions as men who “unloyal” and that they have “an out for him”. He also labels news organizations who don’t agree with him as “poor reporters” and “worthless”. He also tries to make himself look like victim even when he is not.

 Harlan Green of the Huffington Post also wrote: “President Trump has always acted the bully, which is the reason for his history of lawsuits and bankruptcies, so that facts are only useful in so much as they support his positions.

Evidence of Trump’s bullying tactics also comes from his words on Twitter and elsewhere, reports Groff Beattle, a professor of Psychology at Edge Hill University who specializes in gestures, has discussed how Trump uses the body language and mannerisms of a bully, such as the exaggerated use of his hands. Also comments such as “mentally sick”, “dummy”, “looser” or “looked disgusting” are all examples of bullying language on Trump’s Twitter.”

A lot of people believe that things he said throughout the campaign is inexcusable; while others believe that if he changed the way he says things, those comments would receive less negative feedback. Both statements can be true depending on which statement we you are arguing.

After doing my research for this article, I found that there is a message that many americans who disapprove of Trump, would like to deliver Donald Trump. That message is in the song Where is the love? By The Black Eye Peas.

“Madness is what you demonstrate

And that’s exactly how anger works and operates

Man, you gotta have love just to set it straight

Take control of your mind and meditate

Let your soul gravitate to the love, y’all, y’all”