Varun´s Senior Column


4 years, well really 2.75 in person years, thanks to Covid. That went fast. A lot of changes, different schedules, a decent bit of classes that don’t exist anymore. Well, let’s keep this short and sweet.

People weren’t lying when they say 4 years go by fast. I hear this a lot as I am going to go to college, and I always assumed people were bluffing. It´s 4 years that you can do what you want to explore, or you can keep to yourself more, or even try as hard as possible. There is nothing wrong any way, but no matter what you do, realize it’s only 4 years.

Test out of any classes you can. You can take a lighter load or take college classes (they are paid for!). Great way to either get a headstart on a degree, or just learn things that interest you, as professors are really smart people who enjoy talking about various subjects.

You do not have to be a middle schooler version of yourself. I understand the feeling you had to keep the same personality and views as a middle schooler when you go to high school. Especially as you go to a high school with the same people, you kinda have a stigma about you. I guess it is normal to judge people, and people do judge you. Don´t worry about it, it’s your life, not theirs.

Talk to your teachers: most teachers are actually pretty interesting people, with cool hobbies and advice. If anything, unless you talk to them, you won’t be judged for assuming they just live at school crafting up lesson plans to make sure that you are as busy and bored as possible. Most (and I mean most) teachers are pretty approachable and want the best for you. Also, it’s a lot easier for recommendation letters if a genuine connection between you and the teacher occurs (for those who are already planning that).

Make sure to travel. I thankfully had the experience to visit a few nations, but during my 4 years here, with constant admin changes and programs being cut, language and other classes could not do international trips until recently. If you are able to, travel.

That’s about it, I was never the most social type. Not the person to party or hang out much, but I changed a decent bit and learned more about myself. I would like to thank Darin Johnson for the opportunity to become a better writer and work towards being a better person. I understand giving advice is kind of rich of me, especially as I don’t follow a lot of the advice given. And most importantly, make sure the bathrooms in the new school don´t look like a crime scene, and clean up after yourselves. 


Till next time,

Varun Prasanna