'Tis the season: Grad parties and stuff

‘Tis the season: Grad parties and stuff

Jamie Steyer May 20, 2013

Every year when graduation nears, underclassmen find themselves inconsolable over the loss of their beloved seniors. However, even though they may be leaving soon, the younger students have one last chance...

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End of year celebrations

Anuradha Gore May 10, 2013

As senior year closes, I realize that I haven't written very many blogs, but that's ok. Right now, I'm going to talk about everyone's absolute favorite thing at the end of the year- Graduation parties!...

grad parties

Grad Parties

Stephanie Shin May 10, 2013

The most stressful, happy, bittersweet, sad, exciting, and horrible time of the year has come and along with graduation comes MY favorite part of this time of year, grad parties! For seniors, grad parties...

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