Grad Parties

grad parties

grad parties

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The most stressful, happy, bittersweet, sad, exciting, and horrible time of the year has come and along with graduation comes MY favorite part of this time of year, grad parties! For seniors, grad parties may seem like an ending to the biggest part of their lives. It might be a sad look back at all their regrets and thoughts about the what-ifs of high school. For others it might be that amazing moment of being done with the four years of living hell that they were forced to go through everyday. For me, I go to grad parties for three reasons: 50% is for the free food 30% is for the cute baby pictures 20% for the goodbyes and reminiscing of the seniors. For me, still being a sophomore with time to worry about life and stress out later, grad parties are just a time for mingling and eating good food. Whether it’s catering from a delicious restaurant or homemade amazing, make-your-mouth-water asian food, it’s always delicious and free! Plus let’s be honest here, grad parties are my meals every weekend of the month of May. So why am I talking about just how great grad parties are? To tell you that you need to make more senior friends a.k.a. stalk more seniors so you can have more food… But really, all seriousness aside, grad parties are great times to hang out with friends and especially seniors before they leave to go to college. It’s probably one of the only times that you might get to see pretty much their whole life up to that point, on poster boards in pictures!

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