End of year celebrations

credit~ Royal Oak

Grad parties

As senior year closes, I realize that I haven’t written very many blogs, but that’s ok. Right now, I’m going to talk about everyone’s absolute favorite thing at the end of the year- Graduation parties! ….Well, let me clarify. The best thing about graduation parties is a.) the graduation cards, b.) the food at the graduation parties. During my junior year, I was sad enough to only go to several grad parties, so now that this is my graduation year, I am literally going to go to every party possible. I’ve also been collecting the cards, and now have a pretty decent collection. I absolutely love looking at everyone’s pristine grad cards. The senior pictures are always gorgeous, and there’s usually drool covered little baby picture somewhere as well, which adds to the entire look. I also appreciate graduation party cards because to be honest, it’s the only way that I can actually remember to go the parties. In fact, I now have a box of cards sorted by date so that I can be on top of when to buy presents, write cards, and actually go the party itself. Of course, there’s the food itself at a graduation party. I’m going to try and take on the ‘Grad party Challenge’, in which one only eats food at a grad party. This may seem like a rather foolish decision, but when you realize that there’s a brunch grad party, a buffet grad party, and a dessert-only grad party in one day, you can in fact get three square meals a day. Anyways, according to my box of grad cards, there are in fact three parties coming this weekend, and I look forward to taking on the challenge of eating as much as possible.