Late night listening


Kub Stevens, Features editor

As I am writing this, the clock in the upper right-hand corner of my computer’s screen tells me that the time is 3:13 AM. Tomorrow is a Wednesday and I napped earlier, so I’m feeling pretty good about the amount of sleep that I’m getting tonight. I’m not an insomniac; I just prefer the quiet solitude of night to the hustle and bustle of the day. Here are a few songs that I recommend turning up if you find yourself alone on of these quiet nights.


  1. “Time” by Hans Zimmer
  2. “i” by Kendrick Lamar
  3. “Fragile” by Tech N9ne
  4. “Fall in Love” by Phantogram
  5. “Over the Love” by Florence + the Machine
  6. “9 Crimes” by Damien Rice
  7. “Grapevine Fires” by Death Cab for Cutie
  8. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” by Jay Electronica
  9. “I Get Down” by Shad
  10. “Becomes the Color” by Emily Wells
  11. “Consequence of Sounds” by Regina Spektor
  12. “Lightspeed” by Grieves
  13. “I Could” by Yonas
  14. “The River Runs Deep” by Tom Pepe
  15. “Dead Man Walking” by Tom Pepe