AbBAE Berryhill


Serena Paulson, Managing Editor

In the waves of orange and black, Ames High School has been overlooking this dime piece of a cheerleader. Junior Abbie Berryhill has been spending her time on the track spiriting under those friday night lights. Rising up in the ranks of the high school social order does not inhibit this junior, as Abbie, or better know as AbBAE, embraces a position as an upperclassman and her part in the outstanding varsity cheerleading squads in both the fall and winter seasons.

As the football season comes to a close, Ames High will be seeing this perky girl cheering on the basketball and wrestling teams for the next few months. With her great sense of humor and even better work ethic, Abbie is motivated by her fellow upperclassman cheerleaders. “I really look up to seniors Alexa Cross, Serena Paulson, and Allie Mullen and I am really glad I was able to become really close with them,” Berryhill said.

Alongside her very committed involvement in cheerleading, she participates in Student Council, SHEPH, and dances at Beth Clarke. Her freshman twin brothers, Adam and Alex, are easily identifiable as Berryhills, with a strong family resemblance, which she feels so hashtag blessed to have in school with her everyday.

In her free time, AbBAE likes to spend her non-existent free time with friends and loved ones, and sleep. Her avid use of Twitter motivates her to inform other to “follow her for a good time” or to follow her on instagram for her selfies. Abbie has also felt the need to inform others that the mornings are not a good time to snapchat. Next time you go spiriting through the halls of Ames High, take a chill pill with this swaggy and outgoing junior.