Tif and Shelby went on a “juice cleanse”

Tif and Shelby went on a juice cleanse

Shelby Reeves and Tifany Chu

In America where food is abundant but some people still choose to not eat any, comes the juice cleanse. The juice cleanse is fully endorsed by many celebrities, including America’s sweetheart, Fergie, and America’s mistake, Nicole Richie. Since so many people have been harping us to experience the juice cleanse, Shelby and Tifany decided to go on a juice cleanse.

Like most things in Shelby’s and Tifany’s life, we caused our own problems. For starters, both of us did not own a juicer, and both of us hate juice. Then we realized, why go on a real juice cleanse when you can go on a fake juice cleanse but pretend to be on a real one. Here is the story of the juice cleanse that never was.

Tifany Chu and Shelby Reeves were fully dedicated to going on a fake juice cleanse. We texted our entire contact list informing them that we’re going on a juice cleanse, we tweeted about it, and made sure to constantly bring it up in multiple conversations. It was all going great. We didn’t eat food in front of anybody for a few hours, but was still able to complain about it as if we were. Being on the juice cleanse allowed us to be very irritating, and easily annoyed. Not only was it a good conversation starter, it was also a good excuse for everything.

But then, the carbs struck.

In a moment of weakness, Shelby Reeves ate Panera mac and cheese in front of her supposed friends. THEY EXPOSED HER. HOW DARE THEY. Jamie Campbell and Hannah Greenlee, both decorated Ames High seniors, they have a lot to say regarding their blatant betrayal of trust.

“I feel like as an American I have a right to know if what I’m reading is true or false. I don’t want to be lied to in the press and therefore if someone is tryna write an article based on lies I will expose them for the betterment of the community,” says Campbell.

Greenlee also feels the need, saying, “Shelby is a fake, I don’t like fakes, therefore I felt the need to expose her”.

Tifany’s friends on the other hand, knew from the start that the juice cleanse was a sham, since Tifany has never eaten a vegetable or fruit in her life. However, none of them were willing to comment and it definitely was not due to the lack thereof.

Going on a juice cleanse, be it real or fake is one of the toughest things Shelby and Tifany have undergone in our lives. Even though we failed our juice cleanse, this will not stop us from constantly bringing up the one time we were on a juice cleanse. Shelby and Tifany are big advocates of the juice cleanse, so if you have any questions, don’t forget to stop Shelby in the hallway to ask, “Remember when you went on a juice cleanse?”