Gender Neutral Bathrooms


Queen Victoria, Reporter

Imagine not being able to use the bathroom for an entire day. I use the bathroom at my house at 7:00 am and not again until I get home at 4:00 pm – a total of nine hours without being able to use a restroom. I am completely comfortable using the woman’s bathroom, but there are some people who just aren’t comfortable with me being in there. There are some people who would like to force me back to the men’s bathroom and, let’s be honest, that would be a big mistake. The solution to this? A easily accessible gender neutral bathroom.

A gender-neutral bathroom would provide a safe and comfortable place for gender nonconforming and transgender children to use the bathroom at school. Some people might ask “Why can’t you just use the gender-neutral bathroom in the nurse’s office?” – well to be quite frank, it is just too dang far considering it is at least a five minute walk from each of my classes, not to mention my art class that is in the back of the school.

The solution for this is entire mess is simple: just let people use the bathroom in which they identify themselves as. But oh no, we can’t let that happen because pedophiles would dress up like women just to try and sneak a peek at a child. WRONG, when has that ever happened? I mean come on people really? Is that what you are worried about? Most major malls provide family restrooms (a large bathroom only for a person with children) where you can take your children to use the bathroom.

So in conclusion we just need to let people tinkle. It really isn’t all that big of a deal. All we want do is use the restroom and fix our makeup like any other person. In the famous words of Nina Simone “You don’t have to live next to me, just give me my equality.”