Winter Weather Driving

Winter Weather Driving

Sonja Paulson, Reporter

Over the course of the school year, I have managed to create the perfect schedule of how early I need to wake up in order to arrive to class no earlier than 1 minute before the bell. My schedule is flawless. However, recently there has been a flaw in my system. The flaw you ask? Snow.

Honestly, there aren’t really any benefits of snow. I mean, sledding is fun, but it’s fun to do only a couple of times. It’s not worth having snow on the ground for several months. It is nice to have a white christmas, but, that is only one day of the whole winter. Again, it’s not worth it.

There are so many disadvantages to snow. Driving is probably the biggest one. The roads become extremely slick and even the slowest turn you take could result in a crash. For some reason, people think that even though roads are slick, they can still speed with no consequences. Along with the outside dangers of driving, it is also quite terrible inside the car. Because of the cold, it is unbearable to touch the steering wheel. Also, is you don’t have butt warmers, your butt freezes off.

Snow is fun, but driving in it is painful. There is no benefit to snow and all it causes is stress and accidents. So next time if you are thinking about going out with your friends just stay home, eat food, and watch Netflix.